Jack Webster


I grew up on a small family farm in Beavercreek, Ohio and actually harvested crops on the land where Wright State University now stands.

Growing up on a farm, I learned very early the value of hard work and keeping your word. I have always tried to live up to those values and I apply them everyday in my dealings in real estate.

I have been a real estate salesman since 2010 and thoroughly enjoy working with people, whether they are buying or selling a home. I look at my job as an opportunity to help people’s dreams come true, and as such I am there with my
clients during the entire process, with a network of professionals at my side to assist buyers or sellers every step of the way.

As such, I am pleased to now be associated with Peelle & Lundy Realtors, for they believe in the same things I do: hard work and keeping your word.

I live in Middletown with my wife of 43 years, Jackie, who is a chemist and quality control manager for an international corporation and we have two great kids: Jean and James. Jean is communications manager for a major airline in Dayton while James lives in Philadelphia and is a professional musician and composer.

The most recent addition to the family is courtesy of Jean, who about two years ago blessed us with our first grandson, Eliot. I delight is spoiling him.

Outside of real estate, I work as a photojournalist, covering sports car races around the country and around the world as both a writer and photographer and have been doing so for over forty years. In addition to my photojournalism work, I have been a race team manager as well.

My journalism and racing background has helped me greatly in real estate. I am used to working with deadlines and under pressure and always strive to get my clients to the finish line.

It is great to be able to continue that tradition with winners like Peelle & Lundy.


Peelle & Lundy Realtors, Inc.
822 Rombach Avenue
Wilmington, Ohio 45177



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