EIGHT REASONS WHY You Should Employ Me To Sell Your House

1. I know my business.

I know the actual selling prices of comparable homes (your competition). Through the Peelle & Lundy 18 point checklist I can advise you as to the nest methods of enhancing certain features of your house to make it more attractive to a prospective Buyer.

2. I know where to look for a Buyer.

Through the advertising I will do on this house, and on similar houses in the same price range I will be able to generate Prospects for your house. I will be able to qualify these Prospects before I bring them out to inspect your house.

3. I know how to negotiate.

An experienced third party, familiar with all aspects of Real Estate is best qualified to negotiate a contact and to act as mediator between Seller and Buyer.

4. I know how to expedite.

My knowledge of finances enables me to speed up arrangements for financing and to “walk” the transaction through the Escrow in a minimum time. This could save you from making payments on two houses at the same time.

5. I know Real Estate Law and Practice.

Protecting your interest throughout the negotiations and the Escrow proceedings and avoiding any practices that might result in legal entanglements is a part of my services to you.

6. I work full time.

When you employ me to sell your house I will be on the job twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. During the time I am away from the office Ihave a very efficient answering service that fields my calls. If you hire me to sell your house you won’t have to worry about staying home for fear that you will miss a call. You can feel free to go about your normal pursuits, secure in the knowledge that I am taking care of the business of selling your house.

7. I guarantee my work.

When your house is sold for the price and on the terms and conditions agreed upon by you…when you have received your check for the proceeds from the sale, then, and only then, do I get paid.

8. Peelle & Lundy Realtors is recognized in this area as progressive, professional, and dedicated.

I am an integral part of the Peelle & Lundy Team. When I represent you to sell your house, I take this responsibility very seriously. It is my business.